Jim Eve

Logistics Contracts Manager at Chevron Australia Pty Ltd

"I have worked with Steve while he was employed with OMSA, who was a sub-contractor to the Gorgon Project. During that time I found Steve to be an honest and hard working professional who was committed to the OMSA cause. 
His ability to negotiate win/win solutions between the companies made him an excellent person to work with. I'm sure he'll do well wherever he is employed."

Ben Roestenburg

"I had the opportunity to work with Steve on a project reviewing Service Level Agreements between Synergy and Western Power metering. Steve's pragmatism and attention to detail brought a lot of value to a complex project, and while undertaking this role he was able to identify a number of opportunities for Synergy. I enjoyed working with and learning from Steve, who is approachable and very knowlegeable in his field. Well recommended"

John Groarke

Mentor to consultants, professional advisors, services-centric enterprises. Lead generator for consultants and advisors.

"Steve came into a project-based organisation which needed to significantly enhance IT support for its core operational system - job costing / project management. 
He successfully lead the implementation (which is still in place 10 years on), drawing on his extensive project management experience and initial professional grounding in financial management. 
Steve has an amazingly calm style in how he works and engages with people. He simply gets people to get things done without any of the angst that I have seen in many other enterprises faced with a similar task."